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Maa Khodiyar Temple Rajpara. Gujrat

Temple of Matel

The shepherd informed of his experience to the king. He told them about the golden temple he saw under the water. The king ordered hundreds of hand pumps to evacuate the water from the lake. The tip of a golden egg surfaced.

It is then believed that there was a flood that rose in no time in the town. The king and his men realised that it was a divine power and that the shepherd had seen Khodiyar Maa under the water. The golden egg is believed to be the one placed on the top of the temple. Khodiyar Maa in Rajpara (Bhavnagar).

Thakur Sahib Wakhatsinhji Akherajji [Atabhai] Gohil, the ruler of Bhavnagar state (late 1700 / early 1800) was a Khodiyar bhakt (follower of Khodiyar Maa). He paid regular visits to Galdhara(Matel temple as debated in some versions) for her worship.

He insisted Khodiyar Maa to come down to Shihor (the then capital of Bhavnagar) from Galdhara temple. Khodiyar Maa agreed to follow him to Bhavnagar provided he does not turn around all the way.

To test his faith in Khodiyar Maa's word, at a few kilometers before Shihor, the sound of Mataji's footsteps and her anklets ceased. Atabhai Gohil turns around to see if Mataji is following him and Mataji decides to end her journey. She and her sisters settle at a point now known as Rajpara.

Maa Khodiyar Temple Rajpara. Gujrat

Khodiyar temple, named after the principle deity, venerated by the royal family and the natives around, was built in the year 1911. The temple visited by thousands of pilgrims is located on the banks of the Khodiayar Lake, which attracts tourists from all the surrounding areas. Quite often followers of the goddess walk long distances to revere the goddess.

The tale of Khodiyar Maa goes back to roughly 700A.D. It starts from a rural community, which is known as the Roishala. Roishala. It was a division of Vallabhipur region close to the recent Bhavnagar city in Saurashtra. It is situated in Gujarat, India.Maharaj Shilbhadra was the sovereign of the Vallabhipur region. Mamaniya Gadhvi resided in the little town, Roishala in his empire. He was Maharaj Shilbhadra’s top most friends and a close companion. Honest by heart, the poor as well as fluent Shiv bhakt, Mamaniya Gadhvi was allotted as a Rajgadhvi by his.