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Story of Khodiyar Maa

Khodiyar Maa (Maa meaning mother in many Indian languages) is the Hindu goddess who appeared in the story of Mamaniya Gadhvi in about AD 700 / Vikram Samvat 756-57.

History of Menganiwala Doshi’s

Most probably Rudabapa was born in year 1650 / Vikram Samvat 1706-07 and continuing his 18th generation of Rudabapa Doshi family progressing with joy and prosperity.

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Khodiyar Mata

Story Of Khodiyar Maa

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There are many myths about surname Doshi.Doshi Family History. Indian (Gujarat): Hindu name meaning 'hawker selling cloth' in Gujarati, from Persian dush 'shoulder' + the agent suffix -i (because the cloth was carried over the hawker's shoulder).

Doshi is a fairly common surname in India. While the roots can be traced back a few hundred years. There were a different stories- one is from the History Of Oswals basically from Rajasthan original Sonigra Kshatriya Rajput. The Gujjar tribe still resides in the village. As Gujaratis are from the Gujjar tribe and people with the Doshi surname are Gujaratis, this village is assumed to be the origin of the surname.

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Temple Development

Khodiyar temple, named after the principle deity, venerated by the royal family and the natives around, was built in the year 1911.

Social Activities

Charity Trust,Cultural Activities,Educational Actives,Spiritual Activies.

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